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The Innovate Room is a niche consultancy embedded in tourism and hospitality. Our origins are rooted in hotels but in recent years we have become the go-to consulting house for many tourism businesses in the areas of revenue & pricing, product & experience development, and distribution. We bring energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for providing business solutions to our work to ensure that clients enjoy greater success during and post our intervention.



Oonagh and the Team at The Innovate Room are skilled in the areas of Tourism business mentoring and training for hotels, visitor attractions and destinations. We provide structured mentoring, advisory and support to multiple stakeholders within tourism businesses from the commercial and reservation team to senior management and executive group level.

As mentoring consultants, a key cornerstone of our work is the design, development and delivery of bespoke mentoring and learning solutions delivered one to one or to a team within the organisation. Our mentoring sessions are informed by advance preparatory work and discovery with the team to ensure that the mentoring is tailored to the specific needs of your business.


Budgeting and Forecasting

Our top five tips as we approach budget season and begin preparation for 2023 and beyond.

Think of your budget as a roadmap – It gives you an idea of where you want to be, what route to take and how to get there;

1. Create a Demand Calendar
2. Rethink budgets - zero-based, regular review, rolling budgets
3. Consider total hotel revenues whilst considering costs
4. Incorporate macro market insights from the likes of STR, traveller stats, consumer insights and similar
5. Relook at your hotel tech and re-evaluate it for impact, usage, efficiency

REMEMBER budgeting is a group sport. All departmental teams should be involved in taking ownership of their own targets.

Contact us at sales@theinnovateroom.ie to learn more.


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