Post Covid- 19 Change Strategy

Covid-19 Change

The impact that Covid-19 has had on the Tourism industry has created challenges for the sector. Businesses need to  adapt to what has become widely known as the “new normal”. There is no “business as usual” for visitor attractions, hotels and small tourism businesses in this uncertain time. Adapting post Covid-19 change strategy is crucial. Those who adapt and pivot  whilst re-inventing their business model to meet changing consumer needs will continue to gain competitive advantage.

Tourism businesses now need to focus on strategies which balance the immediate and changing needs & behaviours of their customers. They also need to consider their internal teams and local communities. Successful teams build resilience in times like these. This applies to all Tourism businesses; be they operating a large-scale visitor attraction, an accommodation product or a small tourism enterprise.

Oonagh and the team at the Innovate Room have worked with a wide range of Tourism businesses over the last 18 months. The focus of this work being to ensure that they are best placed to leverage consumer sentiment and to maximise their commercial potential, as they go through the transitional recovery from the pandemic.

Some of the work that we do focuses on the following areas.
  • Post Covid- 19 change and marketing strategy
  • Forward business analysis and Review
  • Diversifying your income stream
  • Innovation in your tourism business
  • Innovating your food product and service delivery
  • Planning and developing your outdoor hospitality product

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