What not to Forget- Tips for Revenue Managers

What not to forget- Tips for Revenue Managers by one of our revenue experts- Amanda O’Donovan Yes, we’ve all heard the popular definition of Revenue Management , “Selling the Right Room to the Right Client at the Right Moment at
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A case for openness – in distribution

There’s an article on breakingnews.ie regarding the record level of hotel occupancy in Ireland today – which got me thinking about how times have changed since the dark days of 2008/2009. Over the past few years as the industry recovered
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The Innovate Blog

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The Customer Path to Purchase- an evolution

Oh how things have changed since 1898 when the American E. St. Elmo Lewis, devised the traditional path to purchase. Then, there was an identifiable and predictable journey to decision making, now we, as consumers, have an ocean of information
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