Leveraging Technology in Hospitality


Many hospitality businesses have invested over recent years in their technology infrastructure- for instance, many have seamless real time booking technology and other have installed predictive payroll and forecasting systems to help manage costs and resources effectively.

These businesses are best placed to respond to the dynamic Covid market conditions that continue to shape our trading environment.

The trading environment in 2021 has required real business agility and has  accelerated digital transformation across all sectors. Hotels & Visitor Experiences are now required to scale all digital channels to allow for enhanced product sales. Hotels specifically have seen a sustained  increase in direct website sales throughout the trading months of 2020 and 2021. This uplift in direct business will be eroded if hotels do not embrace and scale some change in their current website functionality- examples include the ability to choose specific rooms (not just room types), as available on airlines and enhancing ancillary product choice.

In the visitor attraction space we are seeing significant interest in implementing end to end technology that will deliver a seamless guest journey , deliver key insights from a business perspective and overall provide agility to deliver a physical and a hybrid product .

Technology continues to evolve and there is much that is available, that if implemented, can support all the data requirements both from a guest or visitor perspective as well as from a business perspective. We’d love to hear from you about your technology requirements , in the first instance I would love to chat over coffee. You are welcome to drop me a line at Oonagh Cremins @ ocremins@theinnovateroom.ie.

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