Amanda O’Donovan is a recognised commercial consultant in the hotel and visitor experience space.

She specialises in revenue, distribution and pricing strategies and provides businesses with actionable insights through data analysis. With a passion for guiding businesses toward commercial success, she excels in implementing practical and effective processes that streamline operations and drive results.

Amanda is highly experienced in working with diverse multi-disciplinary teams of various skill levels. She excels in helping them harness the power of data-driven decisions and implement robust processes and technology to achieve commercial success.

Amanda’s exceptional communication skills enable her to listen to and understand the perspectives of clients and stakeholders and she is very effective at leading teams through periods of change and fostering a collaborative approach to revenue maximisation.

By applying the professional experience that Amanda has gained by working with a wide range of visitor attractions, Amanda provides businesses with innovative solutions in the areas of ticketing, bookability, and scrutinising the customer online process.

Amanda is dedicated to leveraging the power of learning and development by sharing her knowledge and expertise through training and mentorship programs. She works with multiple organisations including Failte Ireland, the Irish Hospitality Institute, and the Irish Hotels Federation.


Key areas of expertise

  • Revenue Management
  • Business Development for Visitor Attractions
  • Commercial Success Planning