Summer 2021 Update

Summer 2021

We hope this update finds you safe and well and that you are enjoying strong trading in this Summer of 2021.

Here at The Innovate Room 2020 and 2021 have passed by in a whirl of zoom calls as we have worked in a wholly virtual environment since March 2020. We count ourselves so lucky, as many of you used the lockdown period to re – evaluate your business strategy, your market positioning, your brand, and your team structure. We were delighted to work with you on these projects and believe that you are now well set up to meet the challenges of the transitional recovery.

In the visitor attraction space, we have been involved with some large-scale planning and development plans for attractions in the Southeast and the Southwest of the country. We have also just concluded a gorgeous piece of work with Tourism Northern Ireland working to create, develop and launch a trail for a grouping of artisan suppliers in the region.

These long-term strategic plans and investment all speak to a confidence in the Tourism & Hospitality industry which is heartening for all of us who work in it. Our industry will recover fully in time and resume its position as the largest indigenous employer for our island.

Working virtually allowed us to continue our work with you across our areas of expertise such as:
  • Strategic Review and Business Planning
  • Revenue, Sales & Marketing Advisory
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Change Management
  • Technology Choice and Alignment

As a team, working virtually also helped us to stay very connected across all our client base and projects that we are working on.

The learnings for us have been that much of the work we do in the training, mentoring and advisory space is very adaptable to being conducted virtually. However, and as expected we miss lots of things about being on site with you our clients, our colleagues, and our friends.  We miss seeing your wonderful product and understanding your visitor experience in greater detail and of course we miss the nuances of our conversations with you not to mention the odd scone!

Like many of you reading this newsletter we expect to be working in a blended / hybrid world into the future and we look forward to bringing our services to you by whichever medium suits you best.

Autumn Trends in our Space

Here are 4  areas we see emerging as key topics for all tourism businesses over the next 6-12 months:

We believe that these topics will keep us all busy over the rest of this year and well into 2022.

If you have any query on how we might be able to help you as you embrace these areas of change then please drop us a line or note, we would love to hear from you.

Meantime all the very best for trading in Summer 2021.

Oonagh, Helen & Deirdre

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