There’s Something About Boutique Hotels

There’s just something about Boutique Hotels

There is something unique about the guest experience at a boutique hotel, particularly here in Ireland. Gorgeous and charming, sometimes steeped in history, sometimes quirky and always brimming with personality.  Traditionally these properties welcome a combination of domestic and international leisure business and regular guests from the corporate market. Often a “home from home” to corporate guests who become part of the family.  They also attract international leisure guests through their warmth of welcome. They are known for their dedication to hospitality, customer excellence and attention to detail. The resulting unique accommodation experience creates lasting memories of a holiday in Ireland for overseas and domestic visitors alike.

Similar to many of my industry friends and colleagues during this pause in hospitality, I find myself attending webinars, participating in Teams calls, trying lots of new recipes, ambitious baking projects and looking forward to a walk each evening.   I also find myself with more time to  browse Instagram and other social channels. In the process I have gathered some lovely ways in which boutique properties are bringing the personality of their property to life online.  Keeping their audience up to date on happenings during this time.

Just some examples of social media activities from Boutique Hotels which have caught my eye in recent weeks:

Sharing recipes and hosting live cookery demonstrations, some with young family members as very capable helpers, (who add another layer of personality to the demo). In some cases, the demos use seasonal ingredients, locally grown or produced giving a lovely sense of community and promote local food producers.

Exploring the garden and the grounds using images and video clips. What is growing in the kitchen garden? Highlighting the seasonal changes in the garden, which guests are currently missing. The cherry blossoms of April, bluebells of May and new families of ducklings or birds’ nests appearing. Sharing stunning sunrise and sunsets.

Promoting their region and featuring the personalities behind local business in their area.

Highlighting images of local beauty spots; Daily updates  with stunning images of local beaches, forests, hill walks or cityscapes. Whetting the appetite for that time #whenwetravelagain.

Sharing snippets and updates about the team at the property and how they are spending their time during the closure period.

Virtual show arounds of the property with words and commentary from the host.

These are such simple ideas but powerful in their contribution to keeping a brand front of mind. There is no better time to reach out to your online audience and share the essence of a property through social media, with usage increasing given the times we find ourselves in.  Online engagement is so important. It gives both regular and prospective guests the opportunity to keep up to date with happenings at the property and behind the scenes sneak peaks. In turn, providing travel inspiration for times ahead.

Deirdre McDonald

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