What a year 2022 has been

What a year 2022 has been? Am I the only one to think that as Christmas rolls around it does so with even more speed than in the previous year? The start of the year was marked by a lockdown until the end of January and then after 2 years (pretty much) of restrictions our world of hotels, travel, airlines, and tourism remerged displaying resilience strength, hope, and of course needless to say some problems.

As we all know we can be very good at focusing on the problems rather than on all the good things that are in front of us. So, it was in 2022, it seemed at times we forgot we knew there would be a transition period of change, uncertainty, and fluidity as we tried to sustain our businesses in an uncertain macro environment. The transition period continues and as we go into 2023, will continue as we all manage our business’s in ever more agile, flexible and resilient way. This dynamic environment will become our new normal and we at The Innovate Room are hearing from many businesses who are looking to stabilise as many elements of their environment as they can. In doing so they are looking to bring certainty to key areas of their business.

Much of our work alongside you over the past year has been centered on looking at how you can optimise your tech stack, what functions can you outsource, understanding what might be the optimum and resilient team structure to put in place now that there is a deficit of skill set in many of your teams, and of course, many of you are also looking to re-launch and reposition your product and service offering and so we have been delighted to offer marketing support to many of you over the past year.

As you know we love working as we do in all of these project areas as they demand innovation, creativity, and a solution-led approach. It is work we love to do, and we delight in so many of you going on to enjoy even greater success as a result of the work and projects we undertake with you.

Our Growing Team 

This year we have grown our team at the Innovate Room – each team member brings deep sector-specific expertise to the table.Take a look at our Team of Experts: https://www.theinnovateroom.ie/who-we-are/

Can we help?

We would love to hear from you if you think we can help you in your business planning and execution for 2023 and beyond. To set up a consultation call please contact us by phone 353 87 243 2145 or email us sales@theinnovateroom.ie.

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