Wondering what approach to take for your Tourism business during COVID-19?

What a difference a few weeks make…. in February most of us were concerned with poor March pick up trends and now we face into very uncertain and challenging times nationally and internationally. Many of you may be considering your approach and to that end we thought we would share some of the recommendations that we are giving to our clients. Remember as an industry we have form in being able to dig deep and to be innovative, creative and most importantly to be resilient.

What steps do we recommend to you?
  1. Do not panic! Keep your strategy for 2020 on track as much as possible and work to try and take the long-term view, as regarding marketing, sales and service level.
  2. Harness your creativity. Work to create added value and maintain market position rather than practice deep discounting. For sure create very special offers and offer these your closed database of loyal customers as and when you feel appropriate. We know that there are no winners in in a downward price spiral.
  3. Keep your brand front and center through desk-based selling and meaningful contact with your clients. Empathize with your customers – they too are having a difficult trading time.
  4. Remember this too will pass – so for the moment be flexible with your customers and your staff to get through this challenging time.
  5. So, yes – show value, yes- show innovation and overall, demonstrate unstinting levels of customer engagement. It is that for which you will be remembered when the dust settles.


For reliable sources of information and advice on COVID-19 follow Department of Health and Government guidelines.  These can be found on the HSE and Gov.ie websites.





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